The Chartwell Noble Advantage

Chartwell Noble, are not just another estate agency. Ross, Stuart, and George bring over 50 years of local property know-how to the table...

We knew that the bar needed to be raised, so we're doing just that. It is our firm belief that selling your home should be about more than just pretty pictures and Rightmove. There needs to be a strategy, and that's why we're offering you something special – the Chartwell Noble Advantage.

All estate agents are capable of doing the basics; photo's brochure, EPC, floorplan and a listing on Rightmove.  Good agents have nice websites, pretty photos and strong promises.

The very best agents spend every day executing strategies that work in the best interests of their clients; partnering with the best suppliers in the industry to give them the advantage over their peers, using tools to emotionally engage buyers and agreeing sales that have the highest chance of completion.

AI Meets Traditional Estate Agency

Think of us as a estate agency with traditional values but turbocharged with the latest tech. Technology is on the rise in estate agency but we believe that technology should support agents, not replace them.

We've got all the good old values – clear communication, honesty, and aplenty of energy & enthusiasm. But here's the kicker: we use the latest technology, and some very smart AI tools to do things faster and find buyers in ways others can't. This unrivalled blend of tradition and innovation gives you the best chance of selling your home smoothly and efficiently.

Top-Notch  Marketing

A property's value can be directly impacted by the quaity of the marketing startegy. We've teamed up with one of the best property marketing companies in the UK to make sure that your home not only stands out, but emotionally engages buyers. Of course there's the stunning photos, but we're also talking about eye-catching presenter-led videos, social media "reels", stunning drone video footage, and indoor & outdoor virtual tours that make people feel like they're really there. It's a full package designed to get your home noticed by more people.  We are comfortable that no other agency will market your property as well as we can. We use all of this wonderful marketing and proactively seek out buyers who might be interested through all of our marketing channels.

Social Media Savvy

Social media is a core part of the selling process today. With our smart use of online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube etc, we don't need a physical high-street office to get your home in front of thousands of people. Our clever tech (and the strategic way in which we use it!) makes sure your property pops up in front of the right buyers, expanding our reach far beyond traditional methods. This approach puts us way ahead of other agencies.

Getting You Ready to Sell

Selling your home can be a long process, but we've got tricks to speed things up. By getting all the legal stuff sorted upfront, we cut down on waiting time and get you ready to sell faster. This step ahead is done in such a way that you won't find with any other agent. All of your legal documents are ready in advance of coming to market shaving weeks off of the process once you have found a buyer.

Safe Sale Guarantee

We know the market can be tricky, with over 30% of deals falling through and buyers changing their minds at the last minute. That's why we've introduced a unique system to keep your sale on track and protect you from any surprises. Our process makes sure everyone's committed, reducing both stress and risk for you.

Bryan, from Gazeal, expalins how this brilliant system works in this short video...

In short, using Chartwell Noble means you get the best mix of traditional values and cutting-edge tools. This combination is unique to us – it's the "Chartwell Noble Advantage".

Selling your home with us means you're getting a service that's not just different but better in every way. Welcome to the future of home selling!